WWE Needs a Real Draft

There is a deep, rabid clamoring among sports fans for drafts. The NFL and NBA drafts have become such ceremonial events that networks and media hubs have practically made stars out of analysts who project selection order and pour over the skillsets of hundreds of teenagers looking to reach their game’s highest level. Online figures … Continue reading WWE Needs a Real Draft


PPV Review: WrestleMania 35

MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (4/7/19) From the opening match on, WrestleMania 35 set its course without being obvious about it. Tony Nese dropped the despicable Buddy Murphy to claim cruiserweight gold for the first time, a cue for the rest of the good guys on the card to follow suit. We’ll look back on … Continue reading PPV Review: WrestleMania 35

PPV Review: NXT Takeover-New York

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that NXT is under WWE’s umbrella. Every single week, NXT television presents a streamlined product that avoids filler, delivers quality work in the ring, and furthers its storylines at an assured pace. The crowd is rabid, the booking is smart, and there’s no shortage of charm. The weekly program would … Continue reading PPV Review: NXT Takeover-New York