What Else Is There?

Sometimes I hear someone describe a movie as “just a bunch of people sitting around talking.” I’m sure I’ve done it myself. This typically means one of two things, that the movie is aimless and boring, or that the movie fleshed out its characters thoroughly enough to make such simplicity interesting. I’m happy to report … Continue reading What Else Is There?


An Alomar Elegy

Like most people, sometimes I daydream about Roberto Alomar. Seriously, what a fascinating baseball player. First off, he’s in the Hall of Fucking Fame, and while that might not mean what we wish it did, it still means something. Then there’s the fact that his entire family was always playing baseball all the time. His … Continue reading An Alomar Elegy

5 Times Michael McDonald Nearly Broke The Internet

McDonald nearly caused worldwide whiplash when he came to terms with media giant Warner Brothers on a $500,000 lawsuit back in 2013. The suit was for breach of contract, but McDonald didn’t let the bombshell news affect his touring schedule. As crazy as we all went over the news at the time, just imagine how … Continue reading 5 Times Michael McDonald Nearly Broke The Internet