The Power of Payola in Dark Times

So I was sitting at my desk organizing some things when all of a sudden I became uncomfortably pissed off about how it’s possible for the country I live in to be led by a petty, hate-packed TV president who talks down to people when he talks to them at all. This isn’t really anything … Continue reading The Power of Payola in Dark Times


Polvo’s Confusing Masterpiece

Chapel Hill, North Carolina was responsible for a lot of the best and most interesting rock music of the ‘90s and beyond. It’s a fact that has always served as a pleasant reminder to me that art comes from anywhere, and that it breeds more art. Seminal bands like Superchunk and Archers of Loaf called … Continue reading Polvo’s Confusing Masterpiece

A Case for Music as the Very Best Thing, Vol. 1

Today I was tripping around headlines on my phone when I came across a news story on Pitchfork announcing that Strand of Oaks chairman Tim Showalter would be serving as Magnolia Electric Company's frontman for the band's upcoming tour to celebrate the brilliant songs of its deceased leader Jason Molina. Molina passed away in 2013, … Continue reading A Case for Music as the Very Best Thing, Vol. 1